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AwesomeAndreas's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 30 (From 18 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 590 Points

Amazing Escape Skyscraper

Power! Unlocked 3/30/16
10 Points
Rusty 10 Points Get rid of the rust
Puzzler 25 Points Solve a puzzle
Escape! 50 Points Escape!
Yin-Yang Balls 50 Points You placed the balls

Medals Earned: 1/5 (10/145 points)

Apollina┬┤s Spell - Greek antique parody

Feus Unlocked 7/1/16
10 Points
Fertilizes Apolina
Apollo 10 Points Paint the Apollo sculpture
Atlas 10 Points Paint the Atlas sculpture
Basilisk 10 Points Defeat the Basilisks
Centaur 10 Points Defeat the Centaurs
Cerberus 10 Points Defeat the Cerberus
Charon 10 Points Cross the Hades river on Charon┬┤s ferry
Discobolus 10 Points Paint the Discobolus sculpture
Eros 10 Points Paint the Eros sculpture
Medusa 10 Points Defeat a Medusa
Poseidon 10 Points Paint the Poseidon sculpture
Riddles of the Sphinx 10 Points Answer the riddles of the Sphinx
Spinario 10 Points Paint the Spinario sculpture
The Fates 10 Points Meet the Fates
Venus 10 Points Paint the Venus sculpture
Amphisbaena 25 Points Defeat the Amphisbaena
Cyclops 25 Points Defeat the Cyclps
Golden Olives 25 Points Win the race against the Sphinx
Harp of Taurinus 25 Points Play the Harp of Taurinus
Harpies 25 Points Defeat 2 Harpies
Minortaurus 25 Points Defeat the Minortaurus
Minotaur 25 Points Defeat the Minotaur
Not the right time 25 Points Find the secret place
Pegasus 25 Points Find the Pegasus
Greek antique Pac Man 50 Points Be the master of the maze
Porfeo 50 Points Win the Game

Medals Earned: 1/26 (10/475 points)

Armor Mayhem

First Blood Unlocked 4/27/17
5 Points
Kill 1 Soldier
Once upon a time Unlocked 4/27/17
5 Points
Complete the first mission
Piggy Bank Unlocked 4/27/17
5 Points
Earn 100$
Third time is the best Unlocked 4/27/17
5 Points
Score a Triple Kill
Acupuncture 5 Points Unlock the Dart Gun
Amateur killer 5 Points Kill 100 Soldiers
Apprentice Killer 5 Points Kill 30 Soldiers
Death from the sky 5 Points Score a double kill with the Ion Cannon equipped
Delivery 5 Points Capture 15 flags
Give it back 5 Points Kill 5 soldiers holding a flag
Gold Digger 5 Points Earn 1000$
Kaboom 5 Points Unlock the Rocket Launcher
Master Blaster 5 Points Unlock the Plasma Gun
Ninja 5 Points Catch a flag in the air
Ouch 5 Points Get killed by the map
Rocket Rain 5 Points Unlock the Automatic Rocket Launcher
Seek and Destroy 5 Points Score a double kill with the Auto. Rocket Launcher equipped
Super Virus 5 Points Win a mission in Overdrive mode
What time is it? 5 Points Unlock the Slow Bubble Gun
Will you ever learn? 5 Points Get killed by the map 10 times
All your base are belong to us 10 Points Control all the control points in a mission at once
Expert killer 10 Points Kill 200 Soldiers
Ion Blaster 10 Points Unlock the Ion Cannon
Keep going 10 Points Complete 50% of the missions
Mad Dough 10 Points Earn 3000$
Suit up! 10 Points Unlock all the armor styles
Weapon Master 10 Points Unlock all the weapons
Complete 25 Points Complete all the missions
Master killer 25 Points Kill 500 Soldiers
Godly killer 50 Points Kill 1000 Soldiers

Medals Earned: 4/30 (20/270 points)

Click Farm

First Crop Unlocked 8/5/16
5 Points
Grow your first crop!
Automation 5 Points Automation
Level Up 5 Points Level up!
Upgrade 5 Points Purchase an upgrade!
Expand 10 Points Expand
Gems 10 Points Collect a gem!
1k Clicks! 25 Points Click 1000 times!
Customizer 25 Points Customizer
Helper 25 Points Purchase a helper
10k Clicks 50 Points 10k Clicks
Mansion 100 Points Purchase a mansion!

Medals Earned: 1/11 (5/265 points)

Deterministic Dungeon

Field Journalist Unlocked 7/15/16
5 Points
Learn all about everything by opening the field journal!
Nooks and Crannies 10 Points Find 3 "golden orb" rooms
You Shall Not Pass 25 Points Defeat Bob the Balrog (floor 4-3)
Bartering Beast 50 Points Trade three tier III items at the witch's shop
Totem Totalitarian 50 Points Earn all 5 totems
Deterministic Demon 100 Points Defeat the Dragon (floor 8-3)

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/240 points)

Earth Taken 3

Do Not Tell Unlocked 8/17/16
10 Points
Find 1 secret area
Boomer 10 Points Fully upgrade your grenade launcher
Fitness Freak 10 Points Fully upgrade your health
Gassed Up 10 Points Fully upgrade your gas mask
Let It Burn 10 Points Fully upgrade your flame thrower
Obliterate 10 Points Fully upgrade your laser cannon
OMG SMG 10 Points Fully upgrade your sub machine gun
Supercharge 10 Points Fully upgrade your pistol
Surgeon 10 Points Fully upgrade your shotgun
Herder 25 Points Save 20 survivors
Leaper Reaper 25 Points Kill 60 leapers
Mech Warrior 25 Points Destroy 10 mech suits
Saucer Mauler 25 Points Destroy 4 UFOs
Serial Killer 25 Points Kill 25 soldiers
Warrior 25 Points Kill 60 aliens
Blaster 50 Points Get 500 points in Blastoid
Gotta Get Em All 50 Points Find all 15 secret areas
Slaughter 50 Points Kill 200 enemies
Turn The Tide 50 Points Complete the game
Vandalism 50 Points Destroy 50 lights, 25 trash

Medals Earned: 1/20 (10/490 points)

Escaping the Prison

lol brawl reference Unlocked 7/29/16
5 Points
Legal Ending 25 Points Break out the legal way.
Badass Ending 50 Points Break out the badass way.
Sneaky Ending 50 Points Break out the Sneaky Way
DONUT WANT! 100 Points ...or do you?
Lots of Effort 100 Points Find all 18 FAILs.
BRAAAGGGHH!! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/340 points)

Fleeing the Complex

Spooked Unlocked 8/17/16
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Rank: CA Unlocked 8/17/16
50 Points
Achieve the Rank CA
Rank: GI Unlocked 4/8/16
50 Points
Achieve the Rank GI
Rank: IRO Unlocked 8/17/16
50 Points
Achieve the Rank IRO
Rank: PD Unlocked 8/17/16
50 Points
Achieve the Rank PD
Kredit 2 Team 5 Points Watching kredit make me STRONG
Patron of Tunes 5 Points Listen to a song linked in the credits
Waldo 5 Points Where is he?
Nailed It 10 Points Stuck the landing
xXn00bslayerXx 10 Points *Obnoxious Airhorn Sound*
bruUGHNO 25 Points You knew he'd be in this game somewheres
Rise and Shine 25 Points Wake up and smell the snow
Rank: TB 50 Points Achieve the Rank TB
101 Failmations 100 Points Get a total of 101 fails
Golden Boy 100 Points Find all 60 unique fails
Master of the Wall 100 Points Unlock every medal, then click the icon (ingame)
aeiou Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Easy Medal Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/18 (210/660 points)

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

First Step Unlocked 8/13/16
5 Points
You are inside!
Almost Out 5 Points Close to escape
Azure Beetle 10 Points You took the azure one
Card Player 10 Points You seem to like card games
Green Beetle 10 Points You took the green one
Puppet Savior 10 Points You saved her
Puppet Show 10 Points Enjoy the Puppet Show
Red Beetle 10 Points You took the red one
Clockwork 25 Points You opened it!
Code Breaker 25 Points Decrypted
Good Waiter 25 Points Great food service
Yellow Beetle 25 Points You took the yellow one

Medals Earned: 1/12 (5/170 points)

Frozen Moons

Space Yeti Unlocked 7/1/16
10 Points
Encounter a Space Yeti
Night Shift 50 Points Survive the first mission in Campaign
Campaign Complete 100 Points Complete all levels in Campaign
Maxed out 100 Points Unlock all upgrades

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/260 points)